Saturday, June 27, 2009


Goals are something all writers must have. It requires working on them, deciding which are important, and actually putting them to work.

I'm a goal maker. Too bad I'm not the best at reaching them, but at least I try. Take this morning for example. When my head hit the pillow in the wee hours of this morning, the one thing on my mind was sleeping in. What the heck, it's Saturday.

I woke up at 8 a.m. Fool that I am, I didn't return to bed for a little more sleep. Nooooooo. I got up, sat at the computer and checked email. Five hours later, I'm still here. I played. Checked blogs, Facebook, and online news. Typical morning, but I got sucked in fast today.

It's nearly 1:30 in the afternoon, so it's time to set those goals!


First up: 2 pages on current WIP. I'm several days ahead, so it isn't absolutely necessary, but if I don't get some words on paper, I'll lose the momentum and find myself behind next week. And next week the goal will be 3 pages per day.

Second: Clean off my desk. Endless chore. I could surround myself with walls of shelves and still have piles on my desk. Call me a multi-tasker, but it has its drawbacks. Currently residing on my desk are:

  • Notes and charts on current WIP
  • Notes I jotted while updating Heather Waters website late into the night. (Go Heather!)
  • 2 fish bowls with fish
  • Writing how-to books
  • A big ceramic M&M candy jar. Empty. Must be refilled SOON
  • A tin for bills to be paid. (Oops! missed that yesterday.)
  • External harddrive
  • small speakers, 'cause the ones on the monitor sound like tin cans
  • a bottle of Pepsi, one of the basic food groups
  • 2 leftover pill bottles from asthma ordeal
  • misc. notepads and sticky notepads
  • small Rolodex
  • phone
  • monitor
  • assorted scraps of paper, pencils, pens, hair ties, cup with rings, 3 tall candles in glass pillers, hairbrush from my purse, video of kids' Tarzan movie (where did that come from?), bits for cordless screwdriver, inhalers, music CDs

'Nuff said? I thought so.

Third on the list: Hang the white boards, cork board squares and clipboards so they're readily available and easy to reach. (See? I'm thinking! A place for all those papers!)

Goal four: Take a nap. Okay, scratch that. I'll go to bed earlier tonight. (Yeah, right.) So let's add sort laundry for later. Which raises the question of whether the laundry will actually get done in this lifetime. Probably outcome? Uh, no.

And that's just one room!

Check back later...or tomorrow for an update...if I'm not sleeping in.

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