Friday, August 15, 2008


I'd planned to keep up with my blogging schedule this week, but life doesn't always go as we plan. I should have known. This week has been stressful in several ways.

School started in our neck of the woods yesterday. With 3 grandkids now in school, we'll be doing some choreography and making sure the calendar keeps updated so nobody is forgotten or ends up at school on a NO school day. For instance, oldest granddaughter's first day of first grade was yesterday. Other granddaughter's first day of kindergarten (all-day) is today, but she didn't have to go yesterday, nor will she go on Monday. Oldest grandson will start Pre-K on the 25th (the day after his baby brother's first birthday), skip a day, then start going full time on the 27th. It won't take us long to get in the groove, and I've learned to set the alarm on my cell phone to remind me it's time to leave to take or pick up one or the other. By October, it'll be automatic. I hope. :)

It's official. I have asthma, and it's been kicking my butt. Monday wasn't bad at all, and I thought all would be well. Wrong. It's been bad since Tuesday, and I went to Immediate Care (again) today to be told this will now be ongoing. No fair. Except for earaches as a child, I've been healthy. Getting older is the pits. :(

Quick updates: I'm about to finish reading Kristin Hannah's Summer Island. It's been great for taking my mind off not being able to breathe, so way to go, Kristin! No movies lately. I'm on a book deadline, so evenings must be spent writing. Reading books gets wedged in there when possible. There hasn't been time for fun, and only a small bit for friends, which will be fixed soon. All in all, things are normal here. :) I hope things are normal (or even wonderfully extraordinary!) for youo and yours.

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