Thursday, August 7, 2008

Not A Movie, But...

On a lark and needing a fix for some comedy, I bought the first season of Mork & Mindy. I'm glad I did, because time hasn't changed what's funny.

For anyone not familiar with Mork & Mindy, this television sitcom rocketed comedian Robin Williams to stardom. It debuted in 1978 and co-starred Pam Dawber. The comedy is timeless and pure Robin Williams.

Wikipedia says this:

It became famous for Williams' use of his manic improvisational comedic talent. Williams would make up so many jokes during filming, the scripts eventually had specific gaps where Williams was allowed to perform freely. In many scenes, Pam Dawber had to bite her lip to avoid laughing and
ruining the filming.

I don't plan to buy more seasons. This will keep me smiling for a long time.

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