Wednesday, August 6, 2008

San Francisco and the Ditzy Chix

Although I would have loved to have visited San Francisco again (it's been over 30 years!), the cost of airfare, hotel, and time just wasn't within my budget, so I wasn't able to attend RWA's annual conference this year. Of course that didn't stop those of the Ditzy Chix who did attend. Thanks to technology, those who stayed home and those who didn't were able to keep in contact via a phone call or two and email. The one thing they agreed on was that San Francisco can be cold in August!

Those Ditzy Chix who were able to attend were (in photo at right) Carol Stephenson, Bronwyn Jameson, Lisa Childs, Kristi Gold, and (not in photo) Roxanne Rustand. There are a few more photos from SF or check out all the photos from past conferences.

And for an extra special treat, visit Carol Stephenson's blog for a photo journal of Napa Valley and a hot air balloon ride!

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