Monday, July 21, 2008


'Tis the season for birthdays in our family.

Although most of our family birthdays used to be scattered throughout the year, beginning the end of March and ending in early October, since adding another generation (the grandkids), we now have more to the middle of those months and a couple later dates in the year. And I'm not counting the sons-in-law!

My two middle daughters were born 2 years less 3 days apart. The birthday of the oldest of the two is today, while her sister (2 years younger) was born on the 18th. The doctor had suggested scheduling the 21st when it was time for the younger to appear, but I insisted on scheduling it for the 23rd. She decided to make her appearance the next day and definitely not scheduled. It could have been worse. She could have decided to arrive on her sister's birthday!

From May to August, we have 5 birthdays, one in May, one in June, two in July (the ones mentioned above), and one in August. That's a lot of cake!

So here's to my middle girls, may the coming year bring blessings and happiness...and some quiet times of joy.

Happy Birthday, Lyndsay & Chelsea!

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