Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mood Music

I've been downloading a lot of music lately. Yes, legally downloading, as I feel artists should be paid for their work. Oh, all right, I've bought books at used bookstores, even recently, but I don't make a habit of it. To be honest, I've been getting my music free. Yes, legally free. I use Pepsi points, and for 5 points a song, I can get downloads from Amazon. I can even get a DVD movie for 90 points! I haven't done that yet, I'm still gathering music.

Coming to the point where I thought I'd gotten most of the music I wanted and that was available (not everything out there is available for downloading), I haven't gotten any new songs lately. But late last night (make that very early this a.m.), I needed to know one small phrase from a movie/Broadway song. I found it, grabbed the song, and realized just how much I've always liked it. It's the theme song from Camelot, sung by Richard Harris.

And then I went craaaaazy listening to Broadway tunes. Old ones, new ones, some I remember singing in glee club in high school. (That would be "chorus" now, I think.) Songs that made me smile, like "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair". Songs that made me cry, such as "Climb Every Mountain". So many songs that I had to make a list, but "Camelot" was the only one I downloaded.

Listening to music when I write has become a habit. I have a long list in my player for just that, and another for when I go walking, although I haven't done that. Fun, bouncing tunes, some that I used to dance to back in the Stone Age. Music can lift my soul or quiet it.

There's one other way I listen to music. Pandora is online and free, and a program that lets you choose the type of music you like to hear and make "stations" of your favorites. I've recommended it to several people and haven't found anyone yet who doesn't like it. Check it out. It's worth it! Pandora.

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